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Satellite Images Helping with Harvest


Satellite Images Helping with Harvest

Walking your fields is a great way to assess yield and to make plans for harvest. Now satellite images can help make that task even easier and more accurate. Brian Early, with the Encirca system, explained, “With the Encirca satellite imagery, there is a health index that puts each field into one of 3 different greenness categories.  With that information, you can begin to pull yield estimates. This will allow you to estimate storage needs and marketing options before harvest.”  Early added this is one of the most useful things you can do with the images.

Encirca® services’ Yield Explorer allows you to analyze hybrid performance by field and distinct Decision Zone compared to your yield targets. Not only can this technology help determine yields, Early said it can help you prioritize what fields will be ready for harvest first, “This year, just looking at the crop from the road, it may not look as far along as it is. With the satellite images, you can determine more accurately crop readiness and help plan your harvest priorities.”

Early said, once the combines begin to roll, systems like Encirca can help collect and analyze data that will be vital for making plans for 2019, “You can measure different populations ranges and fertility differences; and Encirca can help you analyze all kinds of data to make some changes for 2019.”  With the Yield Tracker tool, you have the power to distinguish which factors had the greatest impact on yield performance, such as hybrids, soil types, seeding rates, irrigation practices, and more. You will have in-depth yield evaluations and analyses from both the operational and field level, giving you the support you need to make key decisions for the next season.

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