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Scouting Guides Assist Corn and Soybean Growers


Corn and soybean growers have a mobile, interactive resource, offered by DuPont Pioneer, to assist crop scouting activities this growing season—now available at pioneer.com. The mobile-optimized web pages display lists of insects and diseases for corn and soybeans, with the seasonal timing or growth stages of the plants matched to the timing of each potential infestation.

Growers can click on the insect or disease indicated to link to:

  • full-color photos to help with pest identification
  • insect and disease life cycle information
  • environmental conditions favorable to infestation
  • crop damage photos and plant health impact
  • management information for prevention and control


The corn scouting calendar profiles 32 major diseases and insects, from anthracnose stalk rot through western bean cutworm. The soybean scouting calendar profiles beetles, bugs, aphids, molds and rots.

Growers can also learn scouting methods and determine treatment thresholds for major crop insects and diseases.

For more information, contact your Pioneer sales professional or visit www.pioneer.com