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Sec. McKinney to FFA Convention: “We Need You”


National FFA delegates over the next 50 years could be comparable to Neil Armstrong and the many astronauts, scientists and supporters of the Apollo 11 lunar landing—an event that celebrated its golden anniversary this year.

How so? Undersecretery for trade and agricultural affairs Ted McKinney says they are comparable regarding feeding the entire global population during that span of time.

“I don’t know what your job, your role will be, but if it’s in agriculture or anything close—I beg of you—we need you,” said McKinney when he addressed the National Convention in Indianapolis last week.

He added that no matter what the position, leadership and leadership skills developed by FFA members will be essential in the world and leading the efforts of agriculture and feeding the globe.

“Whether it’s helping somebody through a parliamentary procedure issue or an impromptu speaking or a defense of agriculture, we need you very bad,” said McKinney.