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Seed Consultants Announces New Seedsman

Spencer Carson

Seed Consultants, Inc., welcomes Spencer Carson as a new area seedsman covering West-Central-Indiana. Spencer holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agricultural Science and Business Education from Purdue University with a minor in Agronomy. He was raised on a small livestock farm in Hamilton County, Indiana and brings a strong background in agriculture to SCI. While at Purdue, Spencer completed several internships in the seed industry; served as the Purdue Block and Bridle President; a College of Agriculture Ambassador and earned his American FFA degree.

“Spencer brings a lot of passion and energy to SCI. He’s the kind of individual we want to grow our company with.” said Stuart Yensel, Director of Sales and Marketing for SCI. Spencer can be reached at 317.946.4450 or at spencer@seedconsultants.com.