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Seed in the Ground in East Central Indiana


Seed in the Ground in East Central Indiana

Work happening on Chapman Brothers Farm in Sulphur Springs, Indiana. Photo courtesy of Chapman Brothers Facebook page.

With a solid dry stretch this past week, some farmers were able to get seed in the ground. Matt Chapman, a farmer in East Central Indiana’s Henry County, said he was one of them.

“We did just a few acres of corn and then we have about 30 acres of beans planted. (It was) more or less a test run of the equipment to make sure everything’s working. But the ground was really perfect. I mean, compared to what we had last spring, it was hard to not go full steam ahead.”

So, how close are they to going full steam ahead? Chapman says they’re close, but it might be a little slow going here at the onset.

“The weather is making us nervous here with the cold front that’s going to stick around, but if the ground is perfect, you ought to be doing something. So, we’re probably going to keep going at a slow pace and try to not put all our eggs in one basket. But the ground is just too nice to sit still.”

Parts dealers across the state have gone to curbside pickup or curbside delivery because of COVID-19, impacting how farmers conduct business. Chapman says luckily for them, all of their big repairs were able to happen over the winter.

“We only needed just a few odds and ends, and both our parts suppliers have been easy to get along with right now just doing curbside delivery. So, that hasn’t affected us, but like I said, luckily we had the big projects done before all this started.”

Delivery of inputs has also been a stress point for some farmers amid the global pandemic. Chapman says they feel blessed to have plenty of heated warehouse space to store their inputs for 2020 that were delivered in early March, before changes to the industry really hit.