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Seed Treatments a Must in 2018


Seed Treatments a Must in 2018

With planting delays almost a certainty for most growers, seed treatments are a must for 2018. Seed treatments are more common today. With a cool and wet spring, Dan Emmert with DuPont Pioneer says they will pay dividends this year, “Pioneer has a new seed treatment this for soybeans called Lumisena™. It has a new mode of action and is very effective against vitothra. Last year we saw a 2 bushel advantage with the use of this seed treatment.” This year it is part of the standard DuPont Pioneer PPST seed package. On the corn side, Emmert is recommending ethaboxam seed treatment, “It has very good control of pythium.” Whatever seed treatment you use, Emmert says check the mode of action especially when planting different seed hybrids.

Dan Emmert

Emmert says while planting is still several weeks away, growers should not consider any changes to their cropping plans, “We will have plenty of time to get the crops planted. In Southwest Indiana, we planted corn last year into the first week of June and still had good yield results.” As for when your field is ready to work, Emmert says check your soil first to make sure it soil is dry enough to avoid compaction.


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