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Seedling Pests in Corn and Beans Could be 2013 Problem


FMC insect answers

When drought took center stage last year it effectively put a muzzle on insects that had been creating some problems in Indiana fields. The corn crop got off to a pretty good start last year according to Adam Prestegord, Product Manager at FMC Corporation, but seedling pests are a concern.

“In Indiana in corn in the soil there has been a lot of damage from seedling pests like wireworms, grubs, maggots, and some of the seed treatments out there just haven’t been enough protection. Of course the genetics are really only for corn rootworm and that’s not really a major pest in Indiana, so there are other pests that have been a concern. But there was a fair amount of insect pressure before the drought situation came in later in the year.”

A year ago many farmers were on the lookout for spider mites in soybeans.

“Although corn might have been struggling because it was so hot and dry, spider mites became a major pest threat in soybeans last year. A lot of growers wanted to make sure that they were treating their crops particularly knowing that some of their corn acres may have been a bit at risk, certainly making sure they protected their soybean crop was of utmost importance.”

FMC’s Capture LFR in furrow insecticide for application at planting is a solution the company has offered for corn and now soybeans.

“We’ve been on corn with Capture LFR for quite a few years providing a zone of protection around those roots to protect the root system from those seedling pests. Also for Capture LFR we just received approval in furrow use for soybeans. So for those farmers who have seen success in their corn we encourage you to also use it in soybeans. That’s been a recent label expansion for us this year.”

Prestegord says national data shows a yield increase of 11 bushels in corn. FMC also has a foliar insecticide called Hero for control of soybean aphids, spider mites, Japanese beetles and other foliar pests in corn and soybeans.