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Senate Approves Continuing Resolution: CR Bill Goes to Trump


Late Wednesday, the Senate approved the continuing resolution to fund the government through December 11 just hours before the end of the fiscal year. The Hagstrom Report says the bill now goes to President Trump for his signature.

Senate Ag Committee Chair Pat Roberts, other lawmakers, along with farm and nutrition groups, noted the importance of provisions that allow farm subsidies to continue to flow and hungry Americans to get food. The CR passed by a margin of 84 to 10.

“In these wildly uncertain times, farmers, ranchers, and growers are counting on us to get this right,” Roberts says. “I hope farm country can rest a little easier tonight knowing that funds for the Commodity Credit Corporation will be replenished to continue farm bill programs and assist producers who are impacted by COVID-19.”

National Farmers Union President Rob Larew says the passage is an “immense relief” to farmers, who depend on federally funded programs to access loans, technical support, as well as critical market and climate data.

National Corn Growers Association President Kevin Ross adds that farmers have been working with Congress for years to develop and implement effective risk management tools that ensure a stable feed, fuel, and food supply, even during the tough times that many farmers face today.