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Senate Clears Way for Vote on Spending Bill


In a unanimous vote the Senate cleared the way Wednesday for debate on the House-passed stopgap spending bill – which includes language to defund the Affordable Care Act. That provision is expected to be stripped from the bill and returned to the House later this week. There are also reports that the Senate could strip the Farmers Assurance Provision – which has been dubbed the Monsanto Protection Act. The continuing resolution approved by the House would extend the rider to the USDA budget. But Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor told POLITICO that provision would be gone. The House returned to Washington today after cancelling a scheduled recess this week. When the Senate sends the spending bill their way again – the House can reject it, approve it or amend it and send it back to the Senate. No matter what – the expectation is that Congress will be in session through the weekend to resolve the impasse. Then in just three weeks – Treasury Secretary Jack Lew reminded Congress that a second budget battle looms. He said the U.S. will hit its borrowing limit no later than October 17th.

Source: NAFB News Service