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Senate Committee to Vote On Energy Tax Incentives


In response to the announcement this morning by the Senate Finance Committee that they would be voting Thursday on extending a package of expired or expiring energy-related tax incentives, Operation Free Advocacy Communications Director Benjamin Lowe released the following statement:  “We are glad to see the Senate Finance Committee considering the extension of these important tax relief programs for efficiency and oil alternatives. Extending these incentives will help cut our dangerous dependence on oil and other fossil fuels, which are a significant threat to our national security. By encouraging the use of renewable fuels produced by American businesses, we can develop and strengthen this promising sector of our economy instead of pumping money to other countries for their oil.


“We are also glad that Senator Chuck Grassley has indicated he will push for the legislation to include an extension of the wind production tax credit. If the Wind PTC is allowed to expire, 37,000 wind industry jobs will be lost, and America will be unable to keep up with competitors like China in the production of wind energy technology. For the sake of American jobs and our competitiveness around the world, it’s critical that the wind PTC be extended.”


Operation Free is a coalition of veterans and national security experts working to secure America with clean energy. Learn more at OperationFree.net. Operation Free is a campaign of the Truman National Security Project.