September is Hit the Road Month for FFA Officers


FFA hits the road

FFA state officers-16A busy month at the Indiana State Fair is now behind the new state officers of Indiana FFA, so they now turn their attention to a lot of travel and meeting student members all over the state. Jessica Mars from Lebanon is the state President. She says meeting members is one of the main reasons she ran for state office.

“I want to make the difference and impact the lives of those members as I have been impacted by state officers in the past,” she said, “so one of my biggest goals this year is to have a good relationship with so many of the members, as many of the 11,000 members as I can. I’m very excited to see them through conferences and chapter visits this year.”

Treasurer Nathan Blume from North Newton FFA is anxious to impact the large number in the FFA 20-60-20 formula.

“There is the 20 percent of FFA members that are really dedicated and devoted to FFA and they come to all the conferences and conventions. Then there’s the 60 percent that don’t really know if they want to be involved or if they maybe want to do sports, and they’re not quite so sure if FFA is for them. The final 20 percent has decided that FFA is not their thing and they’re going to follow other pursuits. So that 60 percent is a very large portion of the students that we’ll be seeing. I really want to focus in on them and hone them into FFA. I want to focus on those quiet members that are very, very close to converting to that FFA member who is doing that contest, speaking at that convention and being very dedicated FFA members.”

He was a quiet member who got a push from state officers when he was younger.

All 7 officers will be traveling to each district during the month of September for chapter visits, participating in district kickoffs, and facilitating in the classrooms around the state.

The other officers are Chaela Minor, Secretary – Reelsville, Indiana, Clay City FFA

Sneha Jogi, Northern Region VP – Fishers, Indiana, Hamilton Southeastern FFA

Emily Dougherty, Southern Region VP – Whiteland, Indiana, Whiteland FFA

Leah Jacobs, Reporter – Shirley, Indiana, Eastern Hancock FFA

Logan Glassburn, Sentinel – Earl Park, Indiana, South Newton FFA Chapter

Meet the new team in the HAT video.