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Business Visibility Banners: Banner ads and tile ads are great ways to show your business’ support for Indiana agriculture. These popular ads are a great starting point for business brand recognition and for promoting your business web site.

Event/Product/Service Informational Page: Throughout the month, thousands of visitors access HoosierAgToday.com to read and listen to the most current and relevant Indiana agribusiness news. HoosierAgToday.com has worked hard to build credibility in the Indiana agricultural community, which is essential in providing information on the internet. We can designate a page or a clickable pop-up page on our site to inform visitors of your agricultural events, products, and services.

Up-to-date Ag Event Calendar: Do you have an event you would like the Ag community to know about? Post your event with detailed information, including location map, logos, pictures and times. We can even setup a registration form for you on our event calendar.

Sponsored Coverage: Build credibility, professionalism, and authority on your product or service. Sponsored Coverage allows your business experts to be heard by information hungry farmers. We will broadcast your experts over the Hoosier Ag Today radio network, Hoosier Ag Today Phone App, Hoosier Ag Today web site, and Hoosier Ag Today newsletter. Our listeners and visitors are hungry for information, and your business can be recognized as the authority on a specific topic.

Professional Web Video: Did you know major search engines, such as Google, give priority listing on search results? With the increase of internet speed, more and more people are watching videos to learn about a product or service as well as to be educated. We can record and edit a web video to post on Hoosier Ag Today, your business site, Facebook, and YouTube. A web video is a good way to communicate to your current and potential clients.

HAT App: “There is an App for that” — Hoosier Ag Today uses the HAT App to communicate directly to farmers. With the capability to deliver news to farmers by way of audio news, text, and images, the HAT App is “A world of information in the palm of your hand.” The HAT App also gives us the capability to deliver extended news. We can deliver your business information directly, with less advertising competition and distraction, via audio, text, and images.

Web Development: Are you in need of a website? Or is your site out of date? We are equipped to deliver a custom website that is easy for our clients to update. Since we are in the business of delivering information to farmers, we can help you with writing content and delivering content to your new site.

Email Newsletter: Stay in contact with your clients. Inform them of useful information with an email newsletter. Providing your clients a well-designed newsletter with great content is the best way to build credibility and authority for your business. We can design and set up a newsletter to fit your business and can provide news related to your industry.