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Showcasing 100% Biodiesel to Tractor Pullers


Beginning next season – the National Tractor Pullers Association will allow the use of 100-percent biodiesel fuel in all diesel pulling classes. The United Soybean Board says this could increase biodiesel demand by putting its performance benefits on display for the farmers, truck drivers and other diesel users who make up a large portion of the NTPA’s fan base. USB Director Jim Willers says this is an opportunity to show off what biodiesel can do for their engines. A recent study found that using 100-percent biodiesel in a pulling tractor can add up to four-percent more horsepower and torque compared with traditional diesel.

In an effort to help increase biodiesel availability and use among pulling fans – USB has partnered with the NTPA for the past six years. For the third year in a row – the checkoff sponsored the NTPA’s Powered by Biodiesel Light Pro Stock Class – in which all competitors use biodiesel blends.


Source: NAFB News Service