Showcasing Farmers and Food Banks



Karen Pence
Karen Pence

Indiana’s First Lady Karen Pence will be highlighting agriculture at her annual fundraising luncheon this week, but she will also be supporting a cause very dear to Indiana farmers. The annual Indiana First Lady’s Charitable Foundation luncheon will focus on agriculture which Mrs. Pence and the Governor have strongly supported throughout their career. “Indiana is such a strong agricultural state that I felt like it would be a wonderful opportunity to  thank our farmers for all the hard work they do and for the influence they have been in our state,” she told HAT in a one-on-one interview.


Another cause that has received strong support from Mrs. Pence is feeding hungry Hoosiers. At this year’s event, she will be supporting both agriculture and the state’s food banks, “We could not think of a more fitting charity to receive a sizable donation than Feeding Indiana’s Hungry.” She said this organization supports food banks in all 92 counties.


Several Indiana farm organizations have been strong supporters of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry. The pork producers have been leaders in this area with their million meals program. Indiana Farm Bureau, dairy producers, and soybean producers have also been involved in supporting food banks.

Mrs. Pence says it is only natural that, while showcasing Indiana agriculture, they should raise money to help feed hungry people, “Farmers produce food which, in turn, we can use to use to feed hungry people.” The annual charity event will take place at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis and will feature over 600 donors and guests from all over the state.

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