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Since We’ve No Place to Go, Let the Indiana Sky Dump Another 4″-12″ of Snow


Since We’ve No Place to Go, Let the Indiana Sky Dump Another 4″-12″ of Snow

The headline may be a bit misleading, because I’m sure you all have plenty of places to go, people to see, and work to complete (it was just my poor attempt at providing humor). Plenty of snow dropped on Indiana last weekend and HAT Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin says this weekend could be déjà vu all over again, and possibly a bit more.

“Track is very important with this storm. Last time I looked, the low looks to be moving right along just north of the Ohio River, which would put the heaviest snow across Central and, this time I think, Northern Indiana. I’ve been doing all week 4 to 10 inches. You can probably twist my arm into about a 6 to 12-inch range for most general snows. Will there be heavier snow in this? Sure, it’s always possible, but I think right now that 6-12 is probably good enough to tell you what kind of event this is.”

In addition to being our meteorologist, Martin is also the Farmer Origination Specialist at Louis Dreyfus Company in Claypool. He says these heavy snows are going to impact logistics for end users like ethanol and soybean production plants.

“They have to have product to work with. So, this storm comes through, let’s just say we get the 6 to 12, how soon do trucks start rolling back to the processor again to meet their needs? That’s a question, so a lot of folks have been looking around trying to see if they want to try and pads some bushels early, try and bring some bushels early, or how they’re going to handle this. That’s the question; we don’t know. We hear about this all the time in the livestock side, for example hogs not able to move and how that’s going to move the slaughter capacity around and such, especially in Iowa. We’re talking about it in grain here this time around.

I asked Martin if it’s been a struggle to get grain in even without weather concerns due to the current market environment.

“It’s been a struggle for farmer psychology, but at the end of the day there’s a ton of crop out there. There’s plenty of beans, there’s plenty of corn, and it has to move. We’re past the first of the year. Cash rents are going to be coming due, cash flow issues are coming up, so the product has to move. No one ‘s happy with the level that we’re selling, but we haven’t run into many people who have been able to just say, ‘Aw to heck with that. That price is not good enough. I’m not going to sell.’”

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