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Skimping on Herbicides in 2021 May Cost More in the Long Run


Unsettled markets can bring on emotional decision-making and possibly short-sighted choices. Cutting rates or selecting generic products that cost less but ultimately don’t get the job done can come back to hurt a grower at harvest time. With the pressure on to save every dollar possible, corn and soybean growers may be tempted to mix herbicides themselves versus buying a premix like Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology herbicide from Syngenta for their dicamba-tolerant soybeans. Chad Threewits is an agronomy service representative with Syngenta. He says there are a lot of factors growers should have to consider when mixing herbicides themselves, and a lot of challenges.

“There are a lot of factors that growers must consider when mixing herbicides together,” Threewits said.  “Some of those things are the use rates. They’re going to vary by the product and the formulation. As you go to mix these products together, you really have to be careful of mix order and how those products go into the tank or you could have some serious problems. One big thing we see is the compatibility of all these products.  A product like Acuron herbicide actually has about 47 different ingredients to make that product compatible, especially with fertilizers and other mixes that we deal with. You might be able to save a little money up front by mixing your own combination products, but at the end of it you end up paying for it with time and eventually taking on more risk when you do so.”

He says there are some big concerns that come with producers mixing their own herbicides, including a better chance of error.

“We see from those errors that we’re either getting too much product on and there could be crop injury, carryover issues, and from the other standpoint, if we don’t get enough product on, not getting enough adequate weed control. I think it requires a better understanding of the chemicals and their interaction with the soil. It puts the responsibility back on the applicator to make sure that you’re taking the time you need to get it right, and then really taking the responsibility for anything that also goes wrong. When we put a premix together, we’re making sure we have all the right product quantities and rates right, and it allows that product handling to be at a lot higher level than if you mixed your own.”

Threewits talks about the benefit of purchasing a premix like Tavium for dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton.

“The first thing that comes to mind with Tavium herbicide is convenience,” he said. “It’s really important for applicators that they don’t have that extra time to spare. The combination of dicamba and S-metolachlor in one premix gives you three weeks longer residual than dicamba alone and makes sure we’re getting that overlapping residual for key driver weeds like Waterhemp. When you purchase a premix like Tavium from Syngenta, you know that it’s been extensively tested and perfected weed control. Tavium is back by consistent and reliable service from the Syngenta team.”

Visit SyngentaUS.com/Tavium or speak to your Syngenta retailer to learn more.

Always read and follow label instructions. Acuron and Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology are Restricted Use Pesticides. VaporGrip is used under license from Monsanto Technology, LLC.