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Soil Test Pro Now Integrated with Beck’s FARMserver® Technology


Beck’s has partnered with Soil Test Pro to provide integration with FARMserver®, Beck’s web-based tool for assisting farmers in implementing precision ag strategies. With the Soil Test Pro’s sampling app integration, FARMserver users will now have flexibility when it comes to soil sampling and fertility recommendations.

With Soil Test Pro, farmers can easily pull soil samples, send those samples to the lab of their choice and receive results within three to five days. Once the data is collected, users can easily connect their Soil Test Pro data to their FARMserver account, housing all the information collected from the farm into one secure place. This gives farmers and their advisors every piece of information needed to help them make the best decisions possible. The soil test integration is especially helpful when making seeding and nitrogen recommendations or creating custom management zones for variable rate prescriptions.

“Since the inception of FARMserver, the ability to import soil test information into the program has been the most requested feature,” said Craig Rogers, precision farming lead. “By joining forces with Soil Test Pro, we can provide farmers with an easy-to-use, flexible resource that will automatically integrate with their soil test information into their FARMserver account. We hope it will bring farmers even more success in the future.”

Soil sampling helps farmers maximize profitability by avoiding over or under spending and limiting yield based on misconceptions on soil quality. The soil tests reveal data on soil nutrients to give farmers a foundation to make good decisions on how to treat their fields.

“Thanks to a seamless integration of FARMserver and Soil Test Pro, it’s easier than ever to acquire nutrient information on your farm,” said Hoyt Choate, CEO of TapLogic LLC. “Farmers can pull their own samples or hire a qualified Beck’s seed dealer who is a STP Precision Soil Sampler to do the job. View your soil test results on your phone, tablet, online, and in FARMserver. Then, simply create your own fertilizer recommendations to enable the full yield potential of the industry’s best seed package.”

For more information or to learn more about signing up for a free FARMserver membership, visit www.FARMserver.com or call 800.937.2325. Visit www.soiltestpro.com or call 855.768.2900 for more information on Soil Test Pro.