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Solid Support for McKinney Nomination


Solid Support for McKinney Nomination

The 2017 Indiana State Fair had a bittersweet beginning as the Hoosier Ag community bid ISDA Director Ted McKinney goodbye. McKinney has been tapped by President Trump to be Undersecretary for Trade and Foreign affairs at USDA. However, he must first be confirmed by the Senate, a process that has not yet started. Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly said both Hoosier Senators are solidly behind McKinney, “Ted McKinney has always done a great job for Indiana agriculture, so I know that Senator Todd  Young and I are united in our support of his confirmation. We want to make sure that Ted has a good hearing and that he is confirmed and on the job as soon as possible.”

Governor Holcomb now has the task of finding a replacement for McKinney. He told HAT he is looking for someone with both ag and economic development credentials, “Someone who can understand the ag world as well as the economic development side of the world.”  McKinney has served as both director of ISDA and as a member of the IEDC organization.

But, the Governor can take his time and McKinney can enjoy the Fair. Full Senate confirmation is not expected until October.