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Some Great Early Soybean Yields in North Central Indiana


McKain Carroll Co update

Soybeans 9-28-14Great corn and soybean yields are being reported consistently but in one part of north central Indiana early corn yields are just a little disappointing. Scott McKain assists on the Mylet farm in Carroll County. He told HAT over the weekend there won’t be many record yield fields this year.

“We kind of thought that the corn would be better than the beans. I think the cool August and July that we had and then the dry conditions dampened our yield potential. But beans are doing pretty well and corn is just kind of average right now.”Scott McKain

Bean yields have ranged from the middle 60’s to the 70’s and even middle 70’s. Not a lot of corn has been harvested yet, but most of it is running about 215 bushels per acre. Overall they’re happy with the crop moisture levels.

“We were in corn the other day and it was around 21 ½ and our beans have been running about 13 percent moisture,” he said. “The foliage in the leaves is still pretty green but the beans are dry and we’re not seeing a lot of fluctuation in the moisture from the morning to the afternoon.”

McKain said harvest started a week ago even though just a half hour to the west farmers had just received 2 or more inches of rain and are still waiting to get to the fields.

“We did not get as much as the Lafayette area. I had spoken to a friend who said they got 2 inches or so and we did not get that much. I would say some of our farms got a half inch and most of our farms were around the ¾ inch area.”

And amid reports of full grain elevators in southwest Indiana, McKain says he has not encountered similar problems, yet.

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