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South East Indiana Yield Numbers Show Wide Variation


South East Indiana Yield Numbers Show Wide Variation


Brian BushHarvest is moving across parts of Indiana this week, and early yield numbers from Southeast Indiana show a great deal of variation. Southeastern counties had too much and too little rain this year and the yields reflect that. Brian Bush, with DuPont Pioneer, says early numbers are all over the place, “Harvest is underway on with our sandy soils being harvested first. There are some very good yields and some disappointing yields being reported.”


Bush told HAT that, in areas where rain was timely, the numbers are extremely good, “In a plot in Shelby County, some of the new Pioneer hybrids did extremely well. Our newest hybrids took 5 of the top 6 places with P1197AM winning the plot at 307 bpa.”  But in areas where the rain did not come, it is another story with numbers well under 200 bpa. Bush reported that, in Harrison County where conditions were much dryer, “The plot averaged 150 bpa.”  Bush added that even in these stressful conditions Pioneer hybrids did extremely well. 


Another issue impacting yield in SE Indiana is disease pressure. According to Bush, “We had a lot of Northern Leaf Blight this year and, in fields that did not spray a foliar fungicide, had disappointing yields. But high performing hybrids like P1105 when sprayed with a fungicide, yields are exceptional.”


Over the next few weeks, Hoosier Ag Today will be checking in with DuPont Pioneer agronomists around the state. You can listen to the complete report with Brian Bush on the DuPont Pioneer agronomy page.