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Southern Indiana Corn Yields Remain Impressive, Soybean Yields Surprising


Farmers finally got back in the field last week after excessive rainfall put an extended pause on harvest. In this Beck’s Yield Check from southern Indiana, Beck’s agronomist Travis Coleman says corn yields remain impressive.

“I think a lot of guys are happy with their corn. If there are any frustration or maybe some current concerns with those yields, we look back at nitrogen program and rainfall and we probably can connect the dots there.”

Coleman says there are a couple of Beck’s hybrids in particular that have performed well this season in their plots.

“Last week we had a plot come off in Warrick County. 6774 and 6374, from the same family, both yielded very well, one at 230 and the other at 219. So, still very impressive for yields.”

After a growing season full of doubt for soybeans, soybean yields have been surprising in southern Indiana. There are some issues though with later planted soybeans.

“We talk about Dectes Stem Borer and maybe 3 or 4 different pathogens, viruses that have kind of come in and maybe compounded a little bit of yield on some of our later planted soybeans.”

Coleman adds wheat planting in southern Indiana is pretty well done and fall herbicide applications will be closing in on complete here quickly.

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