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Southern Indiana Yields Remain Strong After Progress Last Week


Perfect harvest conditions last week led to a jump in harvest progress, according to USDA. Indiana corn is 26% harvested, up from 15% last week, while Indiana soybeans are 28% harvested, up from 13% a week ago.

Travis Coleman, Beck’s Field Agronomist, says yields are still strong in this Beck’s Yield Check from southern Indiana.

“Corn is still running in that 200+ range. We did a couple of test plots last week, one in Dale, Indiana that averaged about 275, and another one late last week in Connersville that averaged 240 bushels.”

Coleman says there are a couple of Beck’s corn hybrids in particular that are performing especially well this season.

“6674, a 116-day, is what won our plot in Connersville. It averaged about 264. Then we also have a new hybrid, 6241Q, that did very well and averaged about 255 in that plot.”

As for soybeans, Coleman commented, “Still very, I think, surprised and happy with yields. I would say 60 to 70 catch the majority of yields with some in that mid-to-upper 50s.”

Coleman says farmers who managed their corn and beans with fungicide this year are seeing that pay off now.

“I think we had enough grey leaf and enough northern, and in some pockets, some southern rust where fungicide paid. Same with soybeans. Some frogeye and just that plant health aspect to the fungicide application that has really helped yields.”

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