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Southern Rust Arrives in Indiana

Dan Emmert

It was only a matter of time as the yield-robbing fungus moved northward through Kentucky. This week it was confirmed in several locations in the Hoosier State. Dan Emmert, with DuPont Pioneer, reported that “While scouting fields in Perry County yesterday, I found these suspicious looking lesions. The Purdue Plant and Pest diagnostic lab confirmed it is Southern Rust.” It was found in a field that was replanted on June 1. He added, “With 6 weeks of grainfill left in this field, Southern Rust could cause premature plant death if conditions are favorable.”

Brian bush

There have also been reports of rust in Spencer County. Brian Bush, with Dupont Pioneer, reports he found a field in Bartholomew County that contained rust, “Before you get worried, this is the only field I have seen in the many I have scouted. But now that it’s here, please check yours.” After the disease devastated corn in Southern Indiana last year, many growers have been spraying fungicides this summer as a preventative.