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Southwest Indiana Soybeans have Chance for Great Yielding Year


SW IN crop update

Late August CornIn parts of southwest Indiana corn and soybean yields could both be better than average this year when you compare the crop to a 10-15-year average. But agronomist Matt Parmer says the growing conditions this year will certainly prevent matching yields from the last couple of years.

“We’ve had a lot of warm nights and a lot of really humid weather and lot of lack of sunshine,” he said. “That’s resulted in quite a bit of tip-back, and not as many rows around; not very many 18’s but a lot of 14’s to 16’s. But on a whole if you take our marginal ground it’s going to be better and our most productive ground may not exceed anybody’s expectations.”

Parmer, with Monsanto, tells HAT it will be a decent fall overall. But there are some things to watch for right now.

“I’m starting to see some ear rots come in and some stalk rots not only from crown rots but some anthracnose stalk rot starting to creep in.”

Not surprising to see that given the conditions this year.

“You look at something like anthracnose stalk rot and it loves plant density. It loves warm, humid weather, so it’s been thee perfect environment for that. We’ve had a lot of gray leaf spot as well.”

Late August SoybeansParmer spoke with us from Washington, Indiana this week, located in Daviess County, and he echoed an observation from other parts of Indiana. Soybeans are exceptionally tall from all the moisture.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crop as tall as they are, and while I’m not a fan of really tall beans they are loaded from top to bottom with pods. So as long as we can keep those plants standing, I think we’re on target to have a very good soybean crop.”

Parmer also said as you get closer to Evansville corn harvest typically starts before Labor Day, but he says corn will hold onto moisture longer this year, delaying harvest somewhat. And farmers will have to play the balance game of getting wet corn out because of stalk rot and ear rot.