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Soy Checkoff Aims to Improve End Users’ Products


Jared Hagert for USB

Jared Hagert-USBThe United Soybean Board continues implementation of the checkoff’s long-range strategic plan with the goal of maximizing profit opportunities for all U.S. soybean farmers. The plan focuses on innovating beyond the bushel to meet U.S. soy’s end users’ needs. End users of U.S. soy don’t buy bushels of beans; they buy the components…meal and oil. And the checkoff has plans to improve these products. That will build preference for U.S. soy among these end users and add value for farmers. USB chair Jared Hagert explains.

“U.S. soybean farmers have proven that we can provide a steady, sustainable and high-quality supply of soybeans. Now, we need to be innovative about our soy products and how we position them to our soy customers.”

One way the checkoff is already driving U.S. soybean oil innovation is through high oleic soybeans. Next, it wants to do the same with soybean meal, by increasing protein.

To learn more about the soy checkoff’s long-range strategic plan, visit www.UNITEDSOYBEAN.ORG.