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Soy Checkoff and Partners Initiate Weed Take Action Campaign


Weed take action

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHerbicide-resistant weeds pose a major threat to soybean yields throughout the United States. In fact, herbicide-resistant weeds cost U.S. farmers two billion dollars each year.

With planting season coming soon, farmers should address the weeds that could already lurk in their fields. Larry Steckel, Ph.D., of the University of Tennessee, recommends starting the season with a clean, weed-free field.

“There’s no contest. You’ve got to start out clean because if you give them a head start or even just starting with the crop or just a day or two behind, they’re going to quickly get overrun.”

To combat the growing threat that herbicide-resistant weeds pose to soybean farmers, the soy checkoff has partnered with other farmer organizations, herbicide companies and land-grant universities to create the Take Action campaign. Under this program, the checkoff develops tools to help farmers manage weeds with a diverse and comprehensive weed-control program.

For more information and to start using the tools that have already been created, visit the Take Action website at www.takeactiononweeds.com.

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