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Soybean Farmers have Chance to See Their Customers for Themselves


USB See for YourselfWhen a farmer unloads soybeans at the elevator after harvest, it may seem like the end of a long journey that was full of hard work and patience. But the elevator is actually just the first stop for U.S. soybeans headed to various domestic and international markets. Soybean farmers can learn more about their customers beyond the elevator, and the soy checkoff’s role in marketing U.S. soy to those customers, by participating in the United Soybean Board’s See for Yourself program.

All U.S. soybean farmers over the age of 18 can apply now at UnitedSoybean.org.

“They get to see a lot of things first hand the United Soybean Board is doing with checkoff dollars,” says USB Director from Illinois, David Hartke. “They broaden their horizons. They build relationships outside of their area, outside of their state, and for future leaders it starts them off on a roll.”

See for Yourself offers 10 U.S. soybean farmers the chance to learn about and evaluate specific investment areas of the soy checkoff, such as international marketing, animal agriculture, industrial uses and soybean farmers’ freedom to operate.

The first stop is St. Louis to witness firsthand the operations of the checkoff and visit local sites related to domestic uses for soybeans.

Then, since about half of the soy produced in the United States is exported, participants will travel internationally to experience how international customers use soy.

This year See for Yourself is scheduled for August 15-22. Farmers can apply through April 4.