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Soybean Harvest Moving Fast in Western Indiana


Soybean Harvest Moving Fast in Western Indiana


For almost 14 straight days, the weather was ideal for harvest in the western part of the state. Then, this past weekend, 2 and 3 inch rains brought things to a halt. Fieldwork may resume this weekend. Eric Halter with DuPont Pioneer says the soybean harvest is headed toward the home stretch, “We have about 70% of the soybeans harvested and about 25% of the corn.” As for yields, he said the soybean numbers have been outstanding, “We have seen a lot of fields with 55 bpa to 70 bpa averages, and some even higher.” Overall, he added, the Pioneer P series soybeans have really excelled, “In the Crawfordsville area, our mid 2’s have performed far beyond my expectations and the mid 3’s have done very well; 34T07 has really been excelling across the area.”


Halter reports that SDS was very widespread in the area, but has not been a major factor impacting yields, “A bigger problem has been green stem. It has made harvest a bit more difficult, but, overall, disease issues have not been a big problem.”


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