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Soybean Meal Good for Pigs


Tom Crenshaw on soymeal

Tom CrenshawWhile the protein that soybean meal provides animals is important, it merely scratches the surface on why soybean meal is such a beneficial animal-feed ingredient. U.S. soybean meal’s nutritional bundle goes well beyond crude protein to include amino acids, energy, vitamins and minerals. The value of this bundle is especially important when it comes to pigs.

Pigs need the nutrients that come from soybean meal, according to University of Wisconsin professor Tom Crenshaw.

“Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins. If you think about muscles or lean tissue that will be built, the amino acids would be the building blocks for those,” he said.

It is important for soybean farmers to continue to provide customers with high-quality. Higher quality increases demand, which can bring soybean farmers more value for their crop.  Farmers can select soybean varieties high in nutritional quality without sacrificing yield by asking their seed dealer or by visiting www.growsoybeanvalue.com.

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