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Some Soybean Replant May be Needed


Some Soybean Replant May be Needed


When it comes to replanting, last year is one for the record books. Flooding and poor emergence had some growers replanting 2 and, in some cases, even 3 times.  While that is not the case this year, Eric Miller, with DuPont Pioneer, says there are areas of East Central Indiana that will need to replant soybeans, “There are some fields where the beans were planted shallow and the rains did not come to start germination.  There are also some fields where they got enough rain to start germination, but then the rain stopped. In these areas growers may need to replant or at least fill in some bare spots.”  He added some timely rains over the next few days will help with part of these issues, but growers need to keep an eye on what is happening in their fields to get good stand establishment.

Miller recommends making notes on how this year’s plant went while it is still fresh in your mind, “Keep track of what went right and what went wrong this season. It will help you plan you 2019 planting season better.”




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