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Soybeans Could Play Key Role in American Jobs Plan




President Biden’s $2 trillion American Jobs Plan includes some major projects to update infrastructure in rural America. Not only will soybeans transported across these upgraded roads, bridges and waterways, but they could be used to repair them.

The Soy Transportation Coalition (STC) and other groups have been promoting products derived from soy oil that preserve and enhance asphalt and concrete.

“This is a real innovative solution that we would like to see our nation increasingly embrace,” says Mike Steenhoek, executive director of the STC. “When you apply these products on both asphalt and concrete—they’re distinct products but they’re both derived from soybean oil—it elongates the useful life of the road, bridge, or whatever it’s applied on.”

Steenhoek adds that these environmentally sustainable products provide another marketing opportunity for soy.

“Since it’s derived from soybean oil, there’s no real concern about environmental consequences of runoff or any kind of leakage, so these products check a number of very important boxes,” he says.

The Biden administration has been clear in promoting infrastructure that provides sufficient connectivity in an environmentally friendly way.

“This is a great opportunity to incorporate this soy-based asphalt sealant and concrete enhancer into any kind of plan and really help achieve some of these goals that certainly we have as well,” says Steenhoek.