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A Special Note to Our Listeners and Readers


These are certainly unprecedented times. The worldwide pandemic has disrupted markets and many of our lives. While many services are being temporarily shut down, I wanted to let you know we at Hoosier Ag Today are well-positioned and equipped to continue to serve you.

All of our staff have fully functional, in-home studios and will continue to work despite practicing social distancing. While our travel to cover news events may be more limited, we will continue to cover the important stories impacting agriculture via phone and online resources. When it comes to a news source for agriculture that is timely, relevant, and credible, you can count on us to be there, on the air and online.

We take our mission to serve the farm community very seriously and even more so in these turbulent and uncertain times. Thank you for your loyalty and trust.

Be Well,

Gary Truitt


Hoosier Ag Today

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