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Specialty Corn and Beans Posted Some Great 2021 Yields


Highly managed corn and soybean fields have paid off again in 2021. In a yield check, that’s the word from Specialty Hybrids technical agronomist Tom Manney in a year where the crops needed every advantage they could get once the summer weather variables hit.

“Drainage tiles were a great investment as always in fields across Indiana, and also one thing we learned this year with tar spot is fungicide consistently paying dividends, and specifically our Delaro family of fungicides,” he said. “We’re seeing as much as 50-bushel gains on a fungicide application vs. an untreated check strip in the field, so that fungicide this year is really paying dividends to help control tar spot.”

Manney said there have been some very, very strong corn yields realized in west-central Indiana.

Hybrid 43G549, absolute big yields out of this one,” he told HAT. “We’re seeing yield monitors touch in the 340 area with field averages in the 290 with that product. The 39A569 family of products averaged 250 bushels across 400 acres, again in west-central Indiana. We have some very impressive yields this year out of our portfolio.”

Another tough-acre hybrid brought in 240-bushel plus corn on very tough ground in west-central Indiana.

Soybean yields were quite varied, but the Specialty 3503 and 2403 soybean varieties performed exceptionally.

“So much in soybeans this year depended on the late-season rains, but I’ve seen very consistently out of those products 75-bushel plus beans across the board, even with some numbers into the 90’s with those products. The yield monitors really spike on those, so very strong products in our new XtendFlex lineup.”

Manney told HAT rather than focusing on tar spot which hit hard this year, farmers should rely on hybrids that have worked well for them in the past as they map out next year, paired with different types of tolerances like drought tolerance. He recommends maintaining a whole-farm focus.

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