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Starting a New Seed Company in a Tough Farm Economy


Starting a New Seed Company in a Tough Farm Economy

The economists are forecasting farm income to be tight for the next several years. Corn and soybean prices do not show any signs of major recovery, with world stocks high and demand sluggish. Yet, Chris Jeffries thinks this is the perfect time to start a new seed company. A seedsman with extensive experience, Jeffries has launched Seed Genetics Direct, with a different approach to selling seed.

“Our approach is different. Most seed companies have either a dealer network or sell retail. We deal directly with the farmer.”

Jeffries, former head of Seed Consultants, told HAT their approach will deliver high quality seed to growers at a lower price because they cut out the middleman. “We allow farmers to cut their seed costs but still get high performing seed,” he stated. “We offer a 100% replant guarantee. We have test plots around the region. “We have regional warehouses for distribution, and we test in a 4 state area. We stand behind our seed but allow the farmer to pay up to $50 a unit less.”

The company is just getting started but has already seen good growth, concentrating mostly in the Eastern Corn Belt. “Our area is mainly in Indiana, Ohio, Southern Michigan and Northern Kentucky. My goal is that within 2 years we will be a 50,000 bag corn company and a 200,000 bag soybean company,” Jeffries said.

For more information, visit www.seedgeneticsdirect.com.