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Still Hoping to Reach Indiana Plenish Soybean Acre Goal


Plenish 50 thousand goal

Planting time in Indiana is getting closer and there is still an opportunity for central Indiana farmers to jump on the DuPont Pioneer Plenish high oleic soybean program. Justin Dikeman is account manager for west central Indiana and he tells HAT they are still accepting acres.

“We could use another 15,000 to 18,000 acres here in Indiana for delivery to ADM at Frankfort.”

Those additional acres would bring the total closer to the goal of 50,000 and that’s an important target.

“We have a couple large food processors right now that are looking at our oil for use in their products and by getting to the 50,000 goal we send a signal to those end users that we are capable to deliver this product and that will allow that to grow for years to come with their interest.”

Dikeman says farmers will like the results Plenish acres will give them.

“Plenish soybeans have come through our AYT breeding system. Not only do they deliver strong yields but they also deliver a really competitive agronomic defense package. It’s really a well-rounded soybean and we have some nice premium offers out there and some nice seed incentives as well to really help finish up and get to the acre goal we want this year.”

After testing he says end users appreciate the extended fry life of the 0g trans fat oil and its ability to bring out foods’ true flavor since there isn’t as much oily taste compared with other frying oils. DuPont Pioneer sees an opportunity to move past 100,000 Plenish acres next year in Indiana and a long term U.S. potential of 15-20 million acres. That would help reverse the trend of erosion in the soybean oil market.

Dikeman adds there are two fall delivery locations still adding acres. They are Cline Grain in New Market, Indiana and Wheatfield Grain in Wheatfield. Contact your local Pioneer sales professional for details.

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