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Strong Early Yields in Southern Indiana


Each week during harvest, we’ll bring you a Yield Check from Beck’s. This week, we’re checking in on southern Indiana with Beck’s Regional Agronomy Manager Steve Gauck. He says they’re getting off to a good start with soybeans down south.

“The west side of the state is obviously ahead of the east. For the most part, reports of yields coming in have been better than average. We’ve heard some spectacular soybean yields come in, we’ve heard some close to average, but overall seed size seems good on these early beans. They got established and worked on their seed size before the dry weather hit here late and early beans look very good.”

Gauck says the story is similar with corn.

“Heard some good yields. Haven’t necessarily heard anything too spectacular yet, but, again, everything’s been above average on the early planted corn. Quality has been good. Test weight has been good.”

Gauck adds the rain this week will help with crop maturity.

“So these plants, we’ve been in this dry period, they kind of shut down and they’re waiting for rain. They don’t have moisture. They’re just kind of holding on. Now, we’re going to get a little bit of rain, it’ll be that last little shot of energy to get them to finish maturing to finally start that dry down process. So, even on some of the corn, there is an advantage to this rain adding some more bushels and helping to get everything to maturity and dried down.”

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