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Strong Overall Corn and Soybean Yields With Pockets of Disappointment


Southern Indiana corn and soybean yields remain strong. That according to Beck’s Regional Agronomy Manager Steve Gauck in this week’s Yield Check from Beck’s.

Gauck says progress was made last week with soybeans despite the rain and fields are maintaining average to above average yields, though there are some pockets of disappointment.

“You can hear every once in a while, field averages in the mid-70s even clear up to 80. You can even hear guys talk about, ‘Boy, my yield monitor hit triple digits in certain spots in the field,’ which is fantastic. Hard to maintain, but fantastic. We’ve got some heavy drought areas, waterlogged fields, water got over top, we may be seeing 20-30 bushel averages in some of those fields. So, quite a range depending on which weather pattern hit you.”

Gauck says the story is similar with southern Indiana corn yields.

“Still hear a lot of yields over 200 bushels. A lot of guys are talking this 230 range on some corn. Again, there are some pockets where we’re below that, but even on some poor ground averaging 200 bushels is very impressive.”

With many beginning to wrap up harvest, Gauck believes conditions are great for some fall fieldwork like tillage.

“We’re starting to push the window a little bit on some fall spraying, but your fields with a history of marestail, thistle, things like that, these winter annuals, this could be an opportunity to do some tillage or some fall herbicide applications to get those under control. If you get the opportunity to get some cover crops planted or do some fall tillage now with this moisture, the soil ought to be in great shape to do some really good things this winter.”

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