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Strong RFS Critical to Farm Success



Emily Skor

Changes being considered by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the Renewable Fuel Standard would undermine the RFS, according to many in the ag industry, including Growth Energy. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says the EPA considering last minute changes to the proposed renewable volume obligations is contrary to the administration promise to support the RFS.

“These are the blending target numbers that come out every year and give us a sense of how much biofuels are going to be blended into the nation’s fuel supply,” she said. EPA has signaled that they’re considering some changes that really are out of step with the RFS, that would halt investment in the production of American made biofuels like ethanol, and so we have a real concerted effort to make sure that the EPA does not make these changes and that the administration makes sure that the EPA works to advance the President’s agenda, not undermine it.”

She says rolling back the volume targets would reduce opportunity for farmers during a down economy.

“These are things really that go back to the conversation we had months ago around the point of obligation, Carl Icahn and a select handful of refiners pushing to make changes that accommodate their core business models. This is simply the impact of the pressure by the refiners to make changes to the RFS, but wonderfully our champions in the Senate remain steadfast with us to make sure that the White House reigns in the EPA before the agency tramples on the President’s rural base.”

The RFS, Skor says, supports the strong consumer demand for ethanol products, and recently Growth Energy announced that E15, a fuel containing 15 percent ethanol, is now available at more than 1,000 locations across the United States.

Skor adds it’s important agriculture has a singular voice in support of the RFS. She would like it to be a chorus directed at President Trump.

“He has vowed to make the RFS an important tool in the mission to achieve energy independence, and that the RFS would help make America great again,” Skor said. “So we need to remind the President that this promise means EPA should not be meddling with the RFS as it’s looking to do right now.”

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