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Studies Provide Different Perspective on Nitrogen Applications


Corn growers have traditionally targeted nitrogen availability to the period before flowering and late applications were often disregarded – according to DuPont Pioneer research scientist Jason DeBruin. However – DeBruin says studies from 2012 and 2013 showed new hybrids took up 29-percent and 40-percent more nitrogen post-flowering than older hybrids respectively. Iowa State University studies indicated at high yield levels of 225-bushels per acre – about 70-pounds of nitrogen per acre must be taken up at post-flowering to support grain development. Without it – yields could be limited. From these studies – experts suggest growers consider three steps to ensure nitrogen is adequately available. Growers should apply 70-percent of the total seasonal nitrogen requirement before planting to help provide sufficient amounts for vegetative growth. The last 30-percent of required nitrogen should be applied as late during the growing season as ground equipment allows – but generally by tasseling. Also – growers should add a nitrification inhibitor to the late application to help delay nitrogen release. Visit pioneer dot com (www.pioneer.com) for more information.