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Study Finds Gap on GMO Food Knowledge


A new study from the University of Florida finds that consumers are aware of genetically modified crops and food, but their knowledge level is limited and often does not match up with the facts. Brandon McFadden published the study showing that scientific fact often does not change consumer impressions on GMO foods. The study came about because consumer polls are often cited in the GMO debate, especially as it relates to labeling. Florida researchers used an online poll with over 1,000 respondents answering questions. The questions were on consumers’ knowledge of genetically modified organisms as well as what they believe about GMOs. The results led McFadden to find that consumers do not know as much about genetically modified crops and foods as they may think they do. For example, 84 percent of the respondents support mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. However, 80 percent of respondents also support a mandatory label for all foods containing DNA. That would result in the labeling of almost all foods available for consumer consumption. The study was published in the American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal.

Source: NAFB News Service