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Summertime Use of E15 in Jeopardy as Shutdown Continues


The partial federal government shutdown will slow a key rule-making process for the ethanol industry.

Getting a rule done for summertime use of 15-percent ethanol blended gasoline by next summer’s driving season was already tough enough after President Trump last year gave the green light to the move. Now, Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, who fought for year-round E15 use, is concerned the partial government shutdown affecting EPA could make keeping that schedule even harder.

“The rulemaking for E15 at EPA could be affected. While it’s too early to know for sure, we’ve got to watch this issue very closely.”

Grassley says EPA understands year-round E15 is a priority of the president and the agency’s assured him of their commitment to finalize a rule for this summer. But, the shutdown comes at a bad time for an E15 rule.

“It’s not out for comment and getting it out for comment is pretty darned important.  So, we have to make sure that this shutdown of government doesn’t slow that up, because there’s a probably 60-day period of time for comment.”

But Grassley grew more animated when asked about the failure of lawmakers to resolve the border wall funding fight.

“If 650-miles of wall, and certain Democrats voted for it, like I voted for it…then how, all of a sudden, can that be immoral without saying in the same breath, “I made a great big mistake back there in 2006…I shouldn’t have voted for that wall—but I don’t hear that.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Trump’s proposed border wall is “immoral.” Grassley says government’s “number one responsibility” is national security.