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The Supreme Drive Recognizes Female Animals at Inaugural Event


The Supreme Drive Recognizes Female Animals at Inaugural Event

For many years at the Indiana State Fair, the Grand Drive has been held to feature and honor the market animals. This year, the State Fair board wanted to try something new in addition to the Grand Drive to showcase more 4-Hers and their animals. Stan Poe chairs the Livestock Committee for the State Fair board.

“Several of the people involved in the Indiana State Fair said, ‘Why don’t we ever do anything for the female side of the show?’, which we haven’t done. We discussed it thoroughly, we worked on finances, we got sponsors, and we came forward so this afternoon (Sunday, 8/12) we’re going to put on the Supreme Drive to honor the ewes, the dairy heifers, which have never been honored before at this kind of an event, and the gilts.”

A great crowd was on hand for the inaugural Supreme Drive. Poe says they will tweak a few things for next year in hopes of making this an annual event.  He adds that giving more kids the chance to show in the Coliseum at the State Fair is a very good thing.

“The Coliseum floor is the crown jewel for the 4-H livestock program. If you can show on the Coliseum floor you have arrived. That’s the thing every 4-Her wants to do. It’s just a wonderful event. And it gives you a lifetime memory.”

Supreme Champions were Izzy Clause from Hamilton County with her ewe, Marshall County’s Dillon Freeman with his dairy heifer, Brad Fuhrmann from Adams County with his dairy cow, and Fountain County’s Hattie Duncan with her gilt.

Supreme Reserve Champions:

Ewe- Mallory Bowers- Kosciusko County

Dairy Heifer- Valerie Messmore- Kosciusko County

Dairy Cow- Haileigh Mosser- Adams County

Gilt- Brody Everhart- Madison County