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Sustainability and Innovation Top Priorities for Soybean Growers


Sustainability and innovation top the list of priorities for U.S. soybean farmers as both are connected to driving value back to the farm. United Soybean Board Director Mark Seib, an Indiana farmer, says the U.S. soybean industry strives to be a global leader in sustainability.

“And by 2025, we aim to further reduce the land-use, soil erosion, greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing energy efficiency. You know, sustainability and profitably goes hand in hand, and build that reputation of our product, is very important as well.”

Additionally, finding new uses for soybeans helps create more demand and more profitability.

“We continue to promote new technology that creates market demand and competitive advantage for the U.S. soybean. One way the checkoff has supported this goal is through the Soy Innovation Challenge, and that program brings ag-tech startups and teams to try to disrupt the current soybean value chain and develop new ways to create value for the soybean farmers.”

Seib says research conducted by the soybean checkoff pays off, providing improvements to soybeans and soybean demand.

“We continue to research ways to provide high-quality soy products that meet the need of the end user. Animal agriculture is our number one customer. So, funding research is important and protein content and quality of our soybeans is our top priority. Soy also provides multiple industry uses such as in tires, asphalt, motor oil, dust suppression for gravel roads and biodiesel.”

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