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Switch to Growing High Oleic Soybeans is Simple


Kevin Wilson for USB

Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson

As another planting season begins, the Soy Checkoff and others in the U.S. soy industry continue to work on increasing production of high oleic soybeans. These varieties can help farmers take back major market share in the food industry.

Currently grown in 11 states, high oleic soybean varieties allow farmers to offer end-users a U.S.-grown, highly functional oil without sacrificing performance.

As the industry works to ramp up acreage of high oleic soybeans, farmers are reaping the benefits.

Soy checkoff farmer-leader Kevin Wilson, a farmer from Walton, Indiana in Cass County who grows high oleic soybeans, says the switch to growing high oleic soybeans is simple.

“Well, basically everything is the same. I don’t do anything differently in the growing process of the high oleics than I do for our regular beans. The chemicals we use, the fertilization, the tractors, the equipment, everything stays the same, so there’s really, really, hardly any adjustments that you need to make.”

To learn more about high oleic soybeans and their availability in your area, visit www.soyinnovation.com.