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Syngenta Celebrating Two Decades of Innovation

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Syngenta this week marked the twentieth anniversary of its founding in November 2000 by the merger of Novartis Agribusiness and Zeneca Agrochemical.

This milestone caps two decades of innovation built on a legacy extending back more than 250 years to the founding of the Swiss chemical company Geigy in 1758. Today, the Syngenta Crop Protection lineup includes 37 seed treatments, 34 herbicides, 44 fungicides and 21 insecticides, while Syngenta Seeds has developed unique, industry-leading traits and trait stacks to help farmers control above- and below-ground pests.

Leading the way in the new decade

The 21st century has been a time of great change and innovation in agriculture as new seed and crop protection technologies have enabled farmers to grow more from less to help feed a growing global population.

According to Vern Hawkins, president of Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC, Syngenta is committed to accelerating innovation and moving the agriculture industry forward by understanding farmers’ needs, wants and goals — and satisfying those — better than anyone else.

“In recent years, as the farm economy has become more challenging, Syngenta has responded by delivering innovation in Crop Protection and Seed products, as well as agronomic and farm management decision support services, that help growers more consistently protect and increase their yield potential,” Hawkins said. “We understand that real value for our customers and growers is created when they have confidence that they’re getting what they’re paying for — innovation that helps deliver a measurable return on their investment in their inputs.”

Investing in farmers’ success

Syngenta invests more than $1.3 billion each year in research and development (R&D) globally. That’s more than $3.5 million every day. Last year, as part of the Good Growth Plan, Syngenta also announced a five-year, $2 billion investment to help farmers prepare for and tackle the increasing threats posed by climate change. These investments underscore the Syngenta R&D strategy — to design and consistently deliver products and processes that keep farmers productive, profitable and sustainable.

“For 20 years, Syngenta has been investing in farmers’ success,” said Justin Wolfe, president of Syngenta Seeds, LLC. “Looking ahead, we believe new technologies can change the way we grow and protect crops. By merging our deep understanding of agriculture with world class R&D capabilities, we will continue delivering solutions to help our customers and growers further transform agriculture over the next decade and beyond.”

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Source: Syngenta news release