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Syngenta CEO Open to Merger and Acquisition  Discussions


syngenta_logoSyngenta is open to discussion regarding a merger, according to interim CEO John Ramsay. He says the company is “interested in any value-adding opportunity that exists for us in this industry, which includes Monsanto and many others.” The company is discussing possible deals with a number of parties, according to Dow Jones. The openness to an agreement with Monsanto marks a shift from the stance of the company earlier this year that repeatedly rejected to enter talks with Monsanto over a $46 billion takeover because the offer was too low. Since then, Syngenta has faced pressure from shareholders and other industry merger’s such as the recent Dow DuPont deal announced this month. Monsanto has not reached out to Syngenta about the deal since August.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported this week that ChemChina has improved its bid to takeover Syngenta. ChemChina offered to buy 70 percent of Syngenta now, with an option to acquire the remaining 30 percent later.