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Syngenta Commits to Growing Seed Business


   Syngenta Commits to Growing Seed Business

With many seed brands likely to change names or ownership in the next few years, one company is making a major commitment to growing their seed business. Syngenta recently made a $400 million investment in their seed division. Quinn Showalter, head of U.S. NK Seed sales, says this represents a renewed commitment to their seed division, “Specifically our corn and soybean offerings to growers in the Midwest.”

The majority of that financial investment will be used to expand their breeding program and increase the number of trials to bring new germ plasm to the market. “For example, we will be offering 31 new NK corn hybrids and 21 new soybean varieties,” stated Showalter. He added that their goal is to be even faster at bringing new genetics and traits to the market.

Showalter says, in addition, Syngenta will significantly increase their sales and support staff to better serve farmers, “Farmers want choice and our customers want differentiated choice. NK can offer that.” Syngenta’s seed division has been left in the background for the past few year. Now with new ownership and additional financial investment, you may be hearing a lot more about the NK brand in the Midwest.