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Syngenta Deal May Help Biotech Acceptance in China


ChemChina’s purchase of Syngenta may bring more widespread acceptance of genetically engineered crops in China. The $43 billion deal brings Syngenta into China, the world’s largest grain producer and a major grower of vegetables, oilseeds, cotton and sugar. Syngenta’s Chief Operating Officer Davor Pisk told Reuters that while cultivation of GM food crops remains illegal in China, there are indications that the government wants to move toward adopting more use of GM technology. However, he adds China must do so in a very cautious way as it recognizes consumer uncertainty and anxiety regarding GM foods. He added “Chinese consumers had been reluctant to accept GM technology as long as it appeared controlled by foreign companies,” suggesting that if a Chinese entity owns the technology, consumers will have more confidence in its safety.

Source: NAFB News Service