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Syngenta Introducing 102 Corn Hybrids for 2014 Season


Syngenta is introducing 102 corn hybrids for the 2014 planting season. The lineup includes 60 hybrids containing new-to-market genetics and 42 hybrids with upgraded trait versions of proven high-performing genetics. Eric Boersma – head of corn seed product management at Syngenta – says the company is excited about the entire new class of hybrids. Through new combinations, a broader genetic pool and an innovative digital breeding process – Boersma says Syngenta genetics have achieved an extraordinary rate of genetic gain over the past six years.

Among the offerings are 25 hybrids with the Agrisure Duracade trait for corn rootworm control. According to USDA studies – this trait reduces beetle emergence by 99.79-percent – the highest reported reduction of any corn rootworm product on the market. Thirty hybrids for the 2014 season include Agrisure Artesian technology – which maximizes yield when it rains and increases yield when it doesn’t. Syngenta notes actual results in 2012 field research showed an even greater yield benefit of nearly 17-percent under severe and extreme drought conditions.

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