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Syngenta Offering 22 New Soybean Varieties for 2015


For the 2015 growing season, Syngenta is introducing 22 new NK® Soybean varieties in limited volumes that will set the stage for a larger volume product launch in 2016. The release includes the industry’s first Maturity Group (MG) 000 variety for Canada and North Dakota. The 2015 performance class of new varieties have been thoroughly tested and evaluated in the geographies where they will be sold.


“These new NK Soybean varieties offer strong genetic packages with both the offensive and defensive traits growers need in a range of maturities from Relative Maturity (RM) 000.9 to RM 7.3,” said Doug Tigges, soybean genetics product manager at Syngenta. “The additions expand our current lineup of high-yielding varieties with disease packages applicable to various growing conditions. Whether growers have a problem with Phytophthora, soybean cyst nematode (SCN), white mold, iron deficiency chlorosis or any other yield-limiting factor, we have a variety with the potential to perform well in their fields.”


The 22 new introductions enhance an already strong NK Soybean portfolio. Highlights include:

  • Nineteen new launches with SCN resistance in RM 0.6 and later
  • Additional varieties with sudden death syndrome (SDS) resistance, complementing the current portfolio’s industry-leading SDS resistance ratings in RM 2.0-4.9
  • Four new MG 0 products for rapidly expanding Northern soybean acres
  • Three newly launched determinate varieties in RM 5.8 and later for Southern soybean growers


Developed using the Syngenta Y.E.S. Yield Engineering System, NK Soybeans offer high-yielding varieties that integrate elite genetics and industry-leading traits. The Y.E.S. Yield Engineering System enables a faster breeding cycle for accelerated genetic gain, giving growers faster access to the newest varieties that perform well in the field.


Throughout the last 10 years in more than 90,000 trials, NK Soybeans performance class varieties have consistently out-yielded the market leader1. During the past few years of record-breaking yields, NK Soybean varieties have continued to outperform the competition:

  • NK Soybeans S12-H2 brand beat Pioneer® varieties by 3.3 bushels per acre in 183 comparisons, winning 73 percent of the time in two years of trials (2013-2014)2.
  • NK Soybeans S20-T6 brand out-yielded Pioneer varieties by 3.4 bushels per acre in 939 comparisons, winning 74 percent of the time during two years of trials (2013-2014)2.
  • NK Soybeans S39-U2 brand outperformed Pioneer varieties in 1,287 comparisons by 2.5 bushels per acre, winning 67 percent of the time in three years of trials (2012-2014)2.


“NK Soybean varieties have proven performance in the field, but our quest to find new ways to help growers achieve even better results will continue,” Tigges said. “With a legacy of more than 45 years of top-performing soybean products, we are always looking ahead to help growers break through yield barriers by integrating best-in-class genetics, desirable traits and crop expertise.”


For more information about the new NK Soybean varieties or to learn more about NK Soybeans, visit www.NKSoybeans.com. Growers can speak with their local retailer or Syngenta Seed Advisor to learn which varieties are best-suited for their fields, so they can grow more soybeans in 2015.